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Do you dread going to a dentist for a dental check-up? Well, we all do, and there is a reason behind that. First of all, the tools used by dentists to clean teeth hurt. Secondly, you go to a dentist after taking diligent care of your oral health, yet he/she is able to find flaws in it. That brings a sense of disappointment because, after all the months you’ve brushed your teeth, mouth washed, scraped your tongue, whitened and flossed, your dentist is still not satisfied with your oral health.

There is nothing to blame on the dentist, but there must be some issue with the tools, which you are using to get good oral health. Maybe your regular floss is not good enough to clean your mouth. If that is the case, then you must get rid of the regular dental floss and get a water flosser. The market for water flossers is getting bigger with every passing day, thanks to its ability to provide better oral health to the people. If you are interested in getting a water flosser, then go through the consumer reports best water flosser in which I’ve discussed five to products that are currently being sold on the market.

Reviews Of 5 Best Water Flossers Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser

best water flosser reviews

Arguably the best water flosser available on the market, Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser is designed using the best flossing technology. Waterpik has completely overhauled the design of its water flosser with this product because the company used to make bulky flossers in the past, which were good in terms of functionality, but not when it comes to looks.

However, that has changed now with this model, which looks spectacular and works efficiently. Waterpik has been making incredible flossers in the past, but with the Aquarius model, the company has taken its product line to a whole new level. The company is offering a guarantee of 99.9% plaque removal to the customers who want to buy this model if they use it twice a day.

In this model, you will get an on/off button on the handle, a gum massager, advanced pressure range settings system and a 30-second pause button. These features are backed up by a 3-year warranty that the company offers on the product.

2. Waterpik Water Flosser Electric Dental

best water flosser reviews consumer report

Waterpik is so amazing in this ‘water flosser’ niche that I’ve got one more product for you from the same brand. The smart and elegant design of the unit makes it a great addition to your bathroom. Had the company added string flossers and floss threaders in the unit, it could have been a lot better. Talking about the features, this water flosser is no short of those, as it has a total of 10 pressure settings and five tips on how to use water flosser. Waterpik models offer a big water capacity, i.e., 90+ seconds, which ensures that you don’t have to refill the tank in the middle of flossing. You will also get the option to increase or decrease the speed of the unit, which you can control from the handle.

3. H2OFloss Water Flosser

best water flosser reviews

This is another brand that is known for manufacturing water flossers, dental irrigators and many other tools related to oral and dental care. The water flosser that I’m going to discuss is among the most popular products that are sold in the market today. I really like the silent operation of this unit, which allows me to properly clean my mouth in the early hours of the day without waking up my partner. If you are looking for such a machine, which doesn’t make much noise, then H2OFloss water flosser is ideal for you. The unit comes with six pressure settings, 10 multi-purpose tips and a large water tank (900ml). Such a large tank allows you to floss a couple of times a day without any refill.

4. ToiletTree Poseidon Dental Flosser

best water flosser reviews

This is a high-performance water flosser, which comes with stellar customer service, just in case anything goes wrong with the product. Unlike most flossers, which come with a charging cord, you will get a charging stand with ToiletTree Poseidon Dental Flosser. Therefore, you can place the unit on the charging station once you are done using it. The water flosser comes with three-speed settings, which are; soft, normal and pulse, so you can adjust the speed according to your preference.

The only thing that this unit can improve on is the water tank capacity, which is way too less compared to other models that I’ve discussed or will discuss. The reservoir holds up to 5.5oz of water, which makes around 160ml, which is ridiculously low than Waterpik water flossers.

5. Panasonic EW-DJ10 Water Flosser

best water flosser reviews

Panasonic is a top Japanese brand, and it is known for manufacturing world-class consumer electronic goods. This EW-DJ10 Water Flosser is a testimony of that because it is a small yet extremely powerful unit, which you can use to achieve splendid oral health. You can fold and collapse this flosser to half its size, which allows you to carry it on trips as well. There aren’t many water flossers that you stash in your luggage, but this one, you certainly can.

Despite having the smallest size in water flossers, it operates at 27 pulses per second, thanks to dual speed pulse option that made it possible. Japanese have always pushed the envelope when it comes to making technologically advanced products. Panasonic has added all the features that you would find in a water flosser into this compact unit. From filling up the reservoir to using the flosser and cleaning, everything is just so easy.

Types Of Water Flossers

There are three types of water flossers available on the market, which perform the same function but in their own unique ways.

Countertop Flossers

These are the most powerful and dependable units. Sporting multiple pressure settings, largest water tanks and dozens of advanced features, you can expect a comprehensive cleaning of your mouth in a matter of a few minutes. You will also get many flosser tips with countertop flossers than any other type of flossers.

Cordless Flossers

These are not as powerful as countertop flossers, but that drawback can be overcome by the fact that these flossers can easily fit in your bags, in case you travel a lot. These flossers don’t have as many options as countertop flossers, but then that makes them easy to use and less noisy. The flossing power of these units tends to deteriorate with the aging of batteries.

Attachable Flossers

These are also not that powerful and don’t come with pressure settings. So, if you are buying an attachable flosser, then make sure that water pressure in the bathroom or kitchen faucet is powerful enough. Since these flossers don’t need a power source, you can take them along with you on trips.

Benefits Of Water Flossing

  • A water flosser makes use of a strong stream of water to flush away the plaque and bacteria that builds up between your teeth and below the gum line. With the majority of water flossers coming up with multiple modes and speed settings, you can select the right mode and speed with a single press of a button. Some models even use pulsating water pressure for a comfortable flossing experience.
  • Water flossers are effective in removing plaque and bacteria in people who have braces, crowns, dental implants, and periodontal pockets.
  • There is certainly an edge that water flossing has over traditional string flossing. While it is not possible to use a traditional floss because it can cause gums to bleed, on the other hand, you can use water floss regularly, as it comes with multiple modes and speed settings. Select the mode and speed according to the sensitivity of your teeth and gum.
  • Water flosser can do its job, in a matter of two minutes. Therefore, if you are running on a tight schedule, then you can quickly clean your teeth and gums, trim your beard with the best beard trimmer and get ready for work in a matter of a few minutes.
  • Where string floss fails to reach, water floss reaches there easily. String floss can tangle up in the braces or damage the crown, but such issues cease to exist in a water floss.


With so many exciting options available on the market, it will be a time-consuming task for you to find the best water flosser. However, you can cut to the chase by running down my list of top five water flossers in which I’ve discussed countertop, cordless and attachable flossers. When you search for consumer reports best water flosser, you will find all five products that I’ve reviewed above. It is up to you to decide whether you want a powerful flosser that can only be used in the bathroom of your house or a flosser that you can carry along on trips. Then, it will be easier for you to make the right decision.

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